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Curated Reports

Unlock insights from a variety of CPGPulse data sets with Curated Reports. Download any ad hoc report below to learn about individual SKU velocity, to top searched dietary trends, seasonal category performance and more.
Our Collection
CPG Pulse
SKU Deep Dive
Finite details on individual SKUs
CPG Pulse
Brand Deep Dive
The health of a single brand in one place
CPG Pulse
Seasonal Analysis
A snapshot of emerging cpg in winter, spring, summer and fall
CPG Pulse
Sub-Category Analysis
All encompassing subcategory performance (categories within snacks, beverage, pantry)
CPG Pulse
Market Intelligence
Ultimate due diligence tool for emerging cpg trends
CPG Pulse
Category Analysis
All encompassing performance on snacks, beverage, pantry parent categories
CPG Pulse
A go-to PDF for SnackMagic data in a snapshot, inclusive of order volume and audience demographics
CPG Pulse
Search Analysis
A detailed report on top consumer search terms on SnackMagic’s marketplace
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